Our boutique hotel is nestled in the stunning North Norfolk Deep History Coastline, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. North Norfolk is the best place to be at one with nature, explore the outdoors and spot local wildlife. However, with this comes the responsibility to treat the area with the respect it deserves. Therefore, our luxury hotel has highlighted areas of the National Park Code that must be followed during your stay. 


Respect the Environment


As you step into our boutique hotel, you’ll notice our remarkable commitment to preserving the natural beauty that envelopes us. We strive to ensure that our guests experience the magnificence of Norfolk’s landscapes while keeping environmental impact to a minimum. When venturing out, we encourage you to adopt the same mindset. 


Exploring on Foot


North Norfolk’s landscapes beg to be explored on foot, allowing you to take in the panoramic views and discover hidden treasures. It can be tempting to go off-piste and explore away from the main trails, however, please always stick to the designated footpaths when walking in the area. Venturing from these could risk local wildlife and damage precious ecosystems. 


To discover more about the best footpaths and trails please click here: Visit North Norfolk

Keep your Distance from Animals 


In Norfolk, wildlife thrives amidst unspoiled natural habitats. As you meander through our National Park, keep an eye out for the many marvellous creatures that call this region home. Respect their space by observing from a distance, avoiding sudden movements, and refraining from feeding or touching them. Remember, this is their sanctuary, and it’s our duty to ensure their uninterrupted existence.


Responsible Dog Ownership


We understand that our four-legged friends are cherished members of the family. When exploring Norfolk’s natural wonders with your canine companion, it’s essential to keep them under control to ensure the tranquillity and safety of all. The National Park Code encourages responsible dog ownership, which means keeping your dogs on a leash in designated areas and being mindful of wildlife and other visitors. 

Leave No Trace, Take Litter Home 


Preserving the pristine beauty of Norfolk’s landscapes is a collective responsibility. As you embark on your adventures, remember the principle of leaving no trace. Dispose of your litter thoughtfully, either by using the designated bins or carrying it with you until you find an appropriate place to dispose of it. By taking home any rubbish you encounter, we can protect the integrity of our environment and ensure future visitors can enjoy the unspoiled wonders that Norfolk has to offer.


We hope our blog has helped you to understand how our North Norfolk wildlife can be respected, preserved and enjoyed by visitors for many years to come. If you’re looking for a place to stay on your next visit, you can check our availability or book a room on our website: The Pheasant Hotel